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25 Lowenstein Ave

Madison County, Mercer, TN 38392
Property ID 726590


  • 2 Full Baths
  • 1560 Sq Ft
  • Built in 1999
  • 1 Acre Lot


25 Lowenstein Ave is located in Mercer, TN, within Madison County. Built in 1999, the property features 1,560 Sq Ft of space on 1 acre of land. Nearby schools include West Middle School. Mercer is an unincorporated community located in southwestern Tennessee, along State Route 138, just east of the Hatchie River. It is situated about 70 miles northeast of Memphis, TN.

Notes and Disclaimers


    Please note that it is unlawful to trespass on this property. Do not disturb tenant.

Contingencies/Terms Offered


One-Year Forecast

Property + 9.57%
ZIP + 9.56%
Metro + 9.57%

Property Insights

House Ranking: 2

79% of houses appreciate more than 11.73% in this ZIP Code

96% of houses are forecast to appreciate more than 9.57% in this ZIP Code

Historical Growth

  Last Year 10 Year
Property + 11.73% + 64.69%
ZIP + 1.84% +54.37%
Metro + 0.18% +49.74%

Index Tools - Valuation Changes

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Note: The property index does NOT represent the value of the subject home but instead represents the relative value of the home compared to other points in time.

Property Changes
ZIP Code Changes
Metro Changes

ZIP Market Segments Analysis

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Tier 1
1,227 Sq Ft and less
Tier 2
1,227 - 1,536 Sq Ft
Tier 3
1,536 - 1,988 Sq Ft
Tier 4
1,988 Sq Ft and greater

Tier Comparison By Value Tier

The bar chart below compares the average percentage change in value over the last year and the average forecast percentage change in value for the coming year for the four different comparison tiers.

Last Year Change

Last Year 1-Year Forecast % Rising
Tier 1 + 19.71% + 10.00% +100.00%
Tier 2 + 19.65% + 9.99% + 98.00%
Tier 3 + 19.21% + 9.98% + 98.00%
Tier 4 + 18.24% + 9.99% + 96.36%

Percentage Of Homes Rising By Value Tier

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This property is being sold at a public auction.

Trustee Sale Details

Auction date and time
Date Jun 28, 2022
Start Time 10:00 AM

Bidding Instructions

All bidders must show proof of identity as well as proof of authority to purchase on behalf of a legal entity.
100% of funds due at time of sale in the form of a Cashier's checks made payable to the Bidder as a natural person (Not as a Legal Entity)


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