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7871 Ramada Road

Lots 63 & 80, Navajo County, Holbrook, AZ 86025
This property was sold.
Property ID 740668

Contingencies/Terms Offered

  • Seller reserves the right to a final review of all bids received. Seller may accept or reject any bid regardless of whether or not the reserve price has been met.
  • Specific Property Disclosures: Cash closings to occur within 21 days of offer acceptance.  No financing contingencies are allowed. 

    Seller will retain mineral rights.

  • Learn About Terms for Cash and Financed Purchases

    Please note that the seller may reject your offer if you change from a "cash" purchase to a "financed" purchase after your offer has been placed.

    One-Year Forecast

    ZIP + 9.57%
    Metro + 9.57%

    Historical Growth

      Last Year 10 Year
    ZIP + 0.90% +86.71%
    Metro + 1.21% +97.61%

    Index Tools - Valuation Changes

    Below is a line graph of the indexes for this property, its ZIP Code area, and its Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The graph tracks the movement of the property's value, values in the property's ZIP Code area, and values in the property's MSA over time due to market conditions.

    Note: The property index does NOT represent the value of the subject home but instead represents the relative value of the home compared to other points in time.

    Property Changes
    ZIP Code Changes
    Metro Changes

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    Our heat maps illustrate historic and predicted value trends in the property's ZIP Code area and metro area. Heat maps reveal and forewarn of trends in markets, often showing waves of value changes moving across a geographic area. Each dot represents a home, and its color indicates whether the home is appreciating or depreciating at the time indicated on the map, with green indicating appreciation and red indicating depreciation.

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    ZIP Code Area

    Metro Area

    ZIP Market Segments Analysis

    The homes within this ZIP Code have been sorted into four tiers based on the attribute displayed on the selected tab. For example, if the Value tab is selected, the homes are sorted into a low-end tier, a mid-low-end tier, a mid-high-end tier, and a high-end tier. Each tier features a quarter of the homes located within the ZIP Code.

    Tier 1
    1,158 Sq Ft and less
    Tier 2
    1,158 - 1,495 Sq Ft
    Tier 3
    1,495 - 1,899 Sq Ft
    Tier 4
    1,899 Sq Ft and greater

    Tier Comparison By Value Tier

    The bar chart below compares the average percentage change in value over the last year and the average forecast percentage change in value for the coming year for the four different comparison tiers.

    Last Year Change

    Last Year 1-Year Forecast % Rising
    Tier 1 + 14.22% + 10.00% + 99.67%
    Tier 2 + 14.15% + 10.00% +100.00%
    Tier 3 + 14.05% + 10.00% +100.00%
    Tier 4 + 13.95% + 10.00% +100.00%

    Percentage Of Homes Rising By Value Tier

    The below pie charts compare the percentage of Homes Rising (defined as the percent of homes with value appreciating at a rate faster than 1.5% per year during the most recent month) within the four different tiers of homes.

    This Property Was Sold

    This property was sold on Aug 19, 2022, 03:16 PM for

    $ 900 by DD305613
    Reserve not met Bid History


    Fee type Fee amount
    Bid Deposit $250 (More Details)
    Buyer Agent Fee $300 (Seller Pays at Closing)
    Transaction Fee 5% of Final Bid Price or $500 Minimum (Buyer Pays at Closing)
    Deposit 5% or $2,000 whichever is greater.

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